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Since joining the student ambassador program I have developed a multitude of professional skills, including training, team management, project development and management, leadership and public speaking. It has also given me a wealth of experiences I could otherwise not have had whilst studying.
- Dylan, Engineering

The Curtin University Student Ambassador Program was established in 2008 and celebrates 10 successful years in 2017. The program provides personal and professional development opportunities to a select group of current Curtin students each year.

Student Ambassadors engage with prospective students of the University alongside a team of Future Student Advisors and other outreach and marketing staff, through providing their insights into what studying at Curtin is really like.

Future students to the University relate to those they see as peers, and appreciate engagement with someone who has effectively managed their transition to university. Through the Student Ambassador Program, current Curtin students share their experiences about their transition into university and provide peer to peer advice to individuals, small groups and larger audiences.

Program Details

A new cohort of up to 20 current undergraduate students are recruited each year from across the University. Student Ambassadors demonstrate a passion to help others and an aspiration to develop both personally and professionally. Student Ambassadors are part of a diverse and motivated team who commit to the program for one year and enjoy the benefits of developing skills in public speaking, communication, team work and leadership.

Program Outline

The Student Ambassador Program includes:

Program benefits

Here are some reasons why you should become part of this great program:

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